About the Show

Playtime with Bill Turck & Kerri Kendall is a radio show devoted entirely to the arts.  The show airs live on Sundays from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. CT on WCGO Radio, 1590 AM and 95.9 FM in Chicagoland.

If you aren’t local or prefer to stream the show, you have a few options:

  • There’s usually a live video stream via WCGO’s Facebook Page.
  • For an audio stream, visit the WCGO website or use WCGO’s “SmartTalk” app. You can also tune in using your favorite radio streaming app.
  • Listen to our audio podcasts on WCGO’s site or via SoundCloud. It can take a few days for the SoundCloud files to go up while WCGO’s archives are usually updated a few hours after the show airs.

This blog will include information about upcoming shows as well as information and links from shows that have already aired. We also expect to offer supplementary news content from the arts community. Thank you for visiting, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Here’s Our Team

Playtime Show Hosts

Bill Turck is the author of  5 books, an artist, critically acclaimed playwright and talk radio host in Chicago. He has been called the most dangerous voice on the Left.

His latest book, A Tragic Fate, is an unflinching look at the events leading up to the shooting down of Malaysia Air Flight 17. His first novel, Broken, was recommended by NAMI for its treatment of PTSD. In 2006 he published Everything for Love, a memoir of his experiences during the siege of Sarajevo.

Bill wrote and produced two critically acclaimed plays, Occupy my Heart and The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden. He works with the homeless and foreclosure victims in Chicago.

Bill hosted Helter Skelter, a weekly radio show dedicated to issues, society, and politics on Que4 radio in Chicago. He was also an organizing board member of Chicago’s only community radio station dedicated to supporting diversity in media.

Turck also hosted Revolution and Beer, with co-host Brian Murray, a weekly TV, and radio show. He has been featured on radio, television and newspapers across the country, including The Thom Hartmann Show, WLS, WCPT, The Grant Cordone program, NPR, the Chicago Tribune and more.

Turck also has nearly two decades of experience in the airline industry, working for both Lufthansa and United Airlines and is an expert in Balkan and European History, Nationalism, PTSD and Issues of Genocide and Racism. For more information about Bill, visit his blog.

Kerri Kendall is a Playboy Playmate, Certified Master Level Energy Healer, Certified Reflexologist  & Intuitive Reader. Published in Playboy at the young age of 18, Kerri had always maintained regular jobs while continuing to work for the magazine. She has been published in numerous newsstand specials and videos and has done a multitude of public appearances and autograph signings.

In 1996 Kerri made the bold decision to put her modeling career on hold, as well as her career as a hair extensions specialist in Del Mar, California, and left the country to travel like a modern-day gypsy. On this soul searching trip, she hitchhiked all over the UK, and lived in a car on the island of Tenerife where she made jewelry on the beach and sold it to tourists. It was during this time that she honed her natural gift of intuition and energy reading by learning the art of tarot.

Kerri now lives in Chicago where she is fulfilling her dream of doing energy healings and intuitive spiritual readings that focus on the positive and helping people overcome their personal obstacles and challenges.  To read more about what Kerri does as a healer, or to book an appointment, visit her website at: www.healingwithkerri.com.

Our Correspondents

The world of arts and culture, particularly in Chicago, is one that is both deep and wide. Bill and Kerri have assembled a team of correspondents that provide comprehensive coverage of what is going on in the world of art, music, theater, and film.

Chip Ratliff

Born and raised in Chicago,  Chip cut his teeth at the feet of Chicago Blues masters. Sharing the stage with a list of who’s who, including Buddy Guy, Jr. Wells, Lefty Dizz, Ronnie Baker Brooks, members of The Lonnie Brooks Band, Fernando Jones, the legendary Willie Dixon, and countless others, Chip gained invaluable experience in musicianship, performance, and composition that has propelled him into the dynamic artist that he is today.

Chip has excited audiences worldwide with his sincere, high energy live performances and exceptional (often dazzling) bass playing. He has contributed soundtrack work for films, scored a local television commercial, been featured on radio (WGCI, WXRT, WVON), television (WGN, WBBM, WLS), has created a multi-media educational program called Funkoustic (fun-koo’-stik), and is founder of the New Rhythms & Arts Festival – a festival designed to showcase fresh new talent from the Chicagoland area.

Playtime is excited to bring Chip on as our music correspondent with his new segment “Practice Your Purpose.” Chip will bring us exciting and informative interviews with talented musicians from the Chicagoland area and all over the country.

Lainie Petersen


Also known as “Bishop Lainie,” Lainie Petersen is a freelance writer, radio, YouTube, and podcast host. Her weekly Chicago Theater Report segment brings us news of the Chicago theater community along with show reports. You can find her on her blog as well as Hard Lens Media, an independent media company based in Chicago.