A Pair of Lunatics, The Bowmakers, The Beautiful Rind — Chicago Theater Report for November 15, 2020

Below is a lightly edited transcript of Playtime’s Chicago Theater Report for November 15, 2020:

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A Pair of Lunatics at Pride Arts

PrideArts will be streaming A Pair of Lunatics, an adaptation by Zoe Lesser of W.R. Walkes’ 1898 comedy, to be streamed on November 19 and December 3. Lesser explains her reasons for directing the play as thus:

“The two-sentence summary of A Pair of Lunatics states: ‘He and She meet for the first time in a lunatic asylum and each mistakes the other for an inmate. An old stand-by that’s always fun!’ This summary, however succinct it may be, forces us to question, what is funny about mistaking someone for a ‘lunatic’? What even is a ‘lunatic’? “

The performance will stream twice, November 19, and December 3; at 7:00 pm each evening. You can get your tickets at  www.pridearts.org

Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra: The Bowmakers

Orchestras play an important part in many theatrical productions, yet many people remain unaware of the work that goes into creating bows for stringed instruments. The Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra will host the streaming of the midwest premiere of The Bowmakers, a documentary on the work of bowmakers. The film streams from November 26 through December 6th. Tickets can be purchased at IPOMusic.org.

The Beautiful Rind

If you are looking for something to snack on while enjoying streaming productions, you might want to check out Beautiful Rind. Located at 2211 N. Milwaukee Ave, The Beautiful Rind offers cheese, charcuterie, sandwiches, salads, and wines. While you can purchase pre-selected charcuterie boards, you also have the option of selecting your own meats and cheeses. What I particularly like about Beautiful Rind is that each cheese/meat/pate that you choose includes a suitable accompaniment, such as a jam, dried or sugared fruits, or olives. You can also choose from a pointed selection of wines and other beverages. Nothing on this menu is the least bit ordinary, and you can arrange to pick up your order or have it delivered. Visit Beautiful Rind at www.beautifulrind.com. 

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