Hell in a Handbag, Raven Theatre, and Invictus Classes — 6.28.2020

This a lightly edited transcript from Playtime’s Chicago Theater Report for June 28, 2020. The show aired on WCGO Radio, 1590 AM, 95.9 FM in the Chicago area.

Audio Archives (links will be added as the show goes live on platforms):

Facebook (Chicago Theater Report starts at around 1:02 mark)



Invictus Theatre Company Shakespeare Monologue Class

Invictus Theatre Company is offering a Beginning Shakespeare Monologue class online starting tomorrow and running through July 20th. If you are interested in enrolling, you’ll need to send a headshot and resume to classes@invictustheatre.com. Classes are on Monday evenings and start tomorrow (June 19th, 2020), so I’d suggest getting in touch with Invictus right away if you are interested.

Raven Theatre Gets New Managing Director

Raven Theatre has a new managing director. Markie Gray is a recent graduate of Yale’s MFA program in theater management and has had a long history of working in theaters here in Chicago and elsewhere. Congratulations to both Raven and Markie!

Hell in a Handbag Streams Live

Hell in a Handbag’s production of  THE GOLDEN GIRLS: The Lost Episodes, Vol. 4 – LOCKDOWN! is now streaming and I’ve had a chance to see it. If you are a fan of The Golden Girls you won’t want to miss this enjoyable piece in which the ladies are living in quarantine after Blanche may, or may not, have acquired Legionnaires Disease. Paper-thin walls, frayed nerves, and the girls’ use of futuristic (for 1992) online conferencing technology lead to uproarious exchanges. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Stage773.com and handbagproductions.org. The show runs through August 15.